Re: Information about Hotbird 2

>     Dear Sir,
>     I live in Eskisehir, Turkey and need some information about Hotbird 2,
>which will be launched in August. I wonder if it will have the same footprints
>as Hotbird 1 and if I will be able to watch the channels on this bird with the
>equipments I already have, that is, a 90-cm dish and a 950-2050 Mhz Ku-band
>LNB, and an analog receiver. I would also like to know which channels will be
>available and what new equipment I will need to watch this bird, if need be.
>If you could possibly send me this information, I will be very grateful.
>Vedat Yilmaz

In Eskisehir a 90cm dish will do the job, but to be on the save side during 
bad weather I would buy a 120cm dish. Future program-providers for this 
satellite are not known at this time. Like the HB1 this satellite could be 
used for analgue and or digital transmission. So, dont do anything. Just 
wait, because a digital receiver from today may be outdated by tomorrow (for 
Hotbird II).
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel
live via DFS-II (28.5E)

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