Re: CBS on Brazil

>        I live in Brazil (near S. Paulo city - SP), own a 5m dish and would
>like to tune the majors American network TVs, especially CBS.
>        Would it be possible? How? Do you need more informations?
>Thank you
You could try it on several GALAXY-satellites, but it will be a very noisy 
picture. CBS comes via GALAXY 91°W on 4080H but it is encoded in VideoCipher 
and the conus-beam does not reach your area. For frequencies have a look at 
SATCO-DX (via TELE-satellit online) or in TELE-satellite magazine (7/8,96) 
with worldwide frequency charts and all footprints.
Some major networks are received near Curitiba, but with a 8m solid dish and 
the quality is poor.European channels from EUTELSAT and ASTRA are seen in a 
better quality then US-satellites. just give it try (if your dish ia a solid 
Good luck!
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel
live via DFS-II (28.5°E)

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