Kuwait without sat-info

Q: Working now for several month in Kuwait I fell left out from the world of 
satellite communication. With quite a lot of trouble I have got a permitt to 
install my own dish an since last weekend my Internet-connection. Still, 
Telesatellit comes through, but in a terrible condition. Custom officers 
must like your magzine, because before blacking out some parts, they are 
reading the magazine many times.
Still I miss daily updates on the satellite-situation. Where can I find this 
NN, Al Kuwayt

It looks like the whole magazine is blacked out by the custom, otherwise you 
would find the way to TELE-satellite online, like you did find my e-mail 
adress. Just go to http://www.TELE-satellit.com and start travelling around. 
Beside the daily update worldwide frequencylist of satcodx you find 
information providers as Norbert Schlammer. He provides a daily service 
covering the c- and ku-band. No signal canīt hide. He will find it. Since he 
does this job for years, Norbert has a lot of reliable informants. A pitty 
is that tis service is only available in German. NBut since frequencies are 
frequencies in nearly any language, I dont see a problem for you to 
understand it.
Peter Klanowski als provdes a first class daily news-letter in the Net. He 
is specialized in media-news and his newsletter carries also information 
from Norbert. Here you have some more luck. The service is bi-lingual. This 
must be enough to keep you updated on a daily basis and if you like to have 
a look behind the black-pages on your magazine, just consult the 
TELE-satellite archive and have a look into the recent issue. 
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel
live via DFS-II (28.5°E)

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