drdish@tv 14.06.96

Satellite: DFS-II, 28.5° East
Transponder: C-2, 11.675 GHz, horizontal
Sound: 6.65 MHz
Date: June 14, 1996
Time: 20:00 (CET)/19:00 (BST)/18:00 (GMT)

Schedule: CET
20:00   News
20:10   Media News live from Munich with Petra Huether (TELE-satellit)
20:25   Internet & Satcom
21:00   Review of the PANASAT MPEG-Receiver
21.25   Viewers Choice: Receiving Europe in Brazil or Sat-TV on the Polarcircle
21:50   Review of SATMASTER PRO-software
22:10   Threshold-level 0,5 dB? DIGITEX
22:30   Space News live with Johgn Locker from Liverpool
22:40   The secret of SCPC
23:00   close down

Live questions from viewers will be answered by Dr.Dish during the show.
Viewers-phone: Germany: 0171-3490 584  outside Germany: +49-171-3490 584

drdish@tv is looking for video-material suitable for broadcasting and likes 
to cooperate with similar channels (radio and tv).
Written off cameras or vcr´s are welcome.
Please contact drdish@tv:
Fax: +31-45-5273615
or write to:
drdish-tv, P.O.Box 1153, D-52532 Gangelt/Germany

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
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