Re: SAT Receiver problem:BLACK TV SCREEN

>Hello Dr. Dish,
> My name is Rafael Cappuccio. I live in ITALY and I am a SAT 
>freak since 1994. I am writing to you because I have a big 
>problem  with my Sat reception system.Fisrt of all, I will 
>tell you what kind of Sat reception system I have:
> 1) 1,20-meter dish + one LNB
> 2) An IRTE MULTISAT system mod. 1, this device makes
>    possible to receive 5 sats with a non motor-driven sat
>    system. 
> 3) AMSTRAD SRD 550 receiver.
> The problem: 
> One day ago,  I was watching RTL2 and suddenly  the image 
>went away (the TV screen was black).There was  not even the 
>rain effect on), after 2 minutes everything was okay, there 
>was RTL2 back on without any  problem. Still, after 30 
>minutes I had have the problem back again. TV screen black 
>without rain effect. I went from Astra satellite to HOT BIRD 
>1 but I got the same result (Black TV screen). 
>I thought it could be :
>- I thought it was my TV set but the Italian local stations. 
>I switched to RAI-1 and everything was OK.   
>- the LNB but when it is a LNB problem i should not get at 
>least the rain effect. Therefore i dont beleive in a LNB 
>- The MULTISAT device doesnt get involved during the channel 
>reception but only when I want to position myself in another 
>- Last but not least, the AMDSTRAD SRD 550. Six months ago I 
>had a problem with the power supply, but even in case,  I was 
>not able to POWERED-ON the receiver. My  humble idea is that 
>It could be the Sat receiver. Still I dont understand how 
>come I can go into OSD screen.
>Dr. Dish, could you help me solve this problem ?. Should I 
>believe that my AMSTRAD SRD 550 is 
>broken ???  What else could I do to find out where the 
>problem is ???
>HELP ME..........
>Thanks a lot.....
>Rafael Cappuccio
It is difficult to give some advice from far away. Depends on your ability 
to do some testing with the right eqiupment.
Since you still get the OSD,I believe your 14/18 volts are gone. You have to 
measure the LNB-voltage. If both voltages are present without connected LNB 
and voltage goes down with connected LNB (max. 200 mA), then you should 
check your Coax-cable, but also the LNB. Otherwise you could try to get from 
a friend a sat-receiver for testing. If he is doing well, then you have a 
problem with your receiver and you should consult you dealer.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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