Re: From Greece ...

>I live in Athens of Greece and I own a receiver Pace MSS 534-GP 
>with internal positioner , a 24"actuator ,a 0,8 dB Ku-band LNB , a 120 X 
>135 cm offset dish. 

>1)How can I have better receiving and much moore channel ? 
>2)What kind of changing in my system do you advice to me?
>3)If I change only my dish , what kind of dish I'll need -in Athens- for 
>receiving from Astra ? 
>4)Is it possible -in Athens- to receive european beam from Turksat and how?
>5)Is it possible to make my Pace MSS 534 GP receiver , a low threshold 
>receiver with any way(Kit ...)?
>	I think thoose are a lot of questions.But hier , in Greece , we are 
>many people who looking for your answer.
>Hasan Temel

1. A larger dish will do the job. What do you think about 240cm solid?
2. see 1.
3: see 1 again
4. 240cm should be just fine
5. You could install a DIGITEX to bring down the threshold-level to 0.5 dB
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
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