Re: multichannel reception

>Hi Dr Dish,
>I am considering acquring a satellite dish and one of those dual tuner
>television. My question is, is there an affordable way to get mutliple channel
>reception such that I can use my television receiver to tune to alternate
>channels. I assume getting the channels from the same satellite.
>Best Regards
>Peter Walker

If this receiver has to independent tuners with A/V-out for each one, there 
will be no problem to let them to AV-1 and Av-2 of your television set.The 
reception of channels of the same satellite and the same polarization is 
given. In order to get different polarizations on the same satellite at the 
same time you will need a dual-lnc with two IF-out connectors. Each of them 
are able to deliver a horizontal or vertical (or rhc/lhc) signal.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
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