Re: digital tv Mpeg2

>HI my name is CIRO FINI i would like to now if you can help me with some 
info for DIGITAL TV MPEG2,
>do you have all the info on the channels on the satellits .I need the 
frequnze,symbol rate,polarity,fec,
>of all channels.My email is c.fini@tread.it      
>                I hope you can help me.
>                     THANKYOU  REGARDS CIRO FINI
Please check Stefan Hagedorns Transponder NEWS of May 16. in TELE-satellit 
online for fresh EUTELSAT MPEG-data. Then read consult TELE-satellite 
magazine. There is a special digital frequency list. For data-rates: if you 
receive on a 33 MHz-transponder switch to 27.5 Msymbols/s and on a 26 
MHz-transponder to 22 Msymbols/s. With only five different FEC-rates it is 
easy to find out the proper one. Issue 7/96 of TELE-satellite magazine will 
be packed with further data.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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