Re: Linear actuator versus H-H mount and magnetic versus mech. polarisers

>Hi, DrDish, my name's Alessandro Serrao and I write you from Rome. In this 
short letter I'd ask you what is the best solution between:	
>1) Linear actuator vs. H-H mount and
>2) Magnetic vs. Mechanical polarisers.
>If possible could you include a *very* short description motivating your 
answers. Thanks in advance. Regards, Alessandro Serrao.

H to H is fine, if the dish is not too large, because all the power of wight 
and wind is concentrated on one point. Therte is large H to H mount from 
Jager. A friend is using this mount for a year or so on a 180cm dish without 
any problems.

Magnetic polarusers could live a little bit longer because no mechanical 
parts are involved. A servo is better in attent. of the opposite 
polarisation. If you will use c- and kuband, you should use the 
servo-version. Beware of no name products or cheap copies
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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