Reception in Israel

from Avi Cohen
>1. Where can i find a map of broadcast areas of europe satellites.
>    and which satellites can i receive in israel.
>2. Which dish can i use for receive the broadcast of TELECOM 2B or TELECOM 2A
>   from israel.
>3. Is nokia 90 dual dish will give better results compare to single dish of

1. In TELE-satellit online click on TAGs Broadcasting Services. Here you can 
gat outstandig sotware with the footprints of all c- and ku-band satellites. 
This material is also been used by the TELE-satellite magazine. In issue 
7/96 all the footprints and a complete frequency-chart will be published.
In Ku-band with a 150cm-dish you get EUTELSAT II (widebeam), PAS-4, GORIZONT 

2. To my knowledge there is one 7m-dish in the north of your country and the 
people watch channels from ASTRA and TELECOM.

3. No, if the quality of the 120cm-dish is good. You could compare the 
NOKIA-dish with a normal 105cm dish in a good quality.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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