>Questions:  Why is it that satellite guides keep on publishing the existence
>of free clear channels, such as 1 and 2 on T4 and 11 on F4 (C4)
>for quite some time now, when in reality it appears that they
>no longer exist?  (at least I have not been able to receive
>them from here LAT 52.5 LONG 113.7)
>Also, how can I get Brazilian programming on Brasilsat A1,
>since my dealer tried to find it and couldn't?  (is it possible
>that this is because there is only O/V on this satellite?)
>Thank you kindly for your response.
Thats the reason we introduced the interactive frequency-list on the 
satco-dx pages (link via TELE-satellit online). Changes, new channels an 
satellites from all over the world reported by people who actually living in 
the target-aerea.

Sorry, BRAZILSAT is "out-of-footprint" for Canada. So you could try it with 
a very large dish. Before you start to invest in such a dish, read first the 
story in TELE-satellite magazine 7/96 about somebody who receives in Brazil 
the opposite sides (USA/CANADA and EUROPE).
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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