Re: Newbie needs help!

>I'm sorry to bother you, but so far I need help and thought maybe you could 
>me, even when my questions are a little too "rookies".
>I just moved and got a satellite dish, a cable coming to an RCA machine 
that looks 
>like a Nintendo, a card inside from DirectTV, and I can only see a preview 
>on my TV. I called DirectTV to hire their services but somehow they cannot 
>me because the guy that used to live there owes them money.
>As you can see, I know nothing about the Satellite stuff and its 
>until I saw your page!... Now I'm more confused, but anxious to know and learn.
>So basically my question is.. what do you recommend? I want to have a 
>good-inexpensive service so that I can whatch Tv, It would be great if i could 
>catch up some Argentinian channels, but I don't know what to do.
>I'm in Norwalk, CT, USA.(Fairfield County).
>My phone number is (203) 853 3561.
>Please e-mail me back!!!!
>I'm desperate for TV!!!!
>Thank you very very much,
>Kenyon Weiss
The cable you see runs to a pizza like dish, which is pointed to 101°West. 
This means,the former owner of the receiving set subscibed to DirecTV and 
the card is expired. First, you have to call DirecTV for the nearest point, 
to reactivate the card or get a new one. But there is no way in receiving 
Argentine TV. The little "Nintendo-Box" is your satellite-receiver and is 
only good for the digital package of DirecTV. If you like to explore a 
little bit more the world of satellite tv - and even get some news-feeds 
from Argentina - you should install a 10 feet-dish for the c-band (4 GHz) 
and invest in a new receiver with integrated positioner.
That´s the situation as I see it here from Europe.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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