Re: Gals / What and how ?

>Dear Mr. Mass,
>Our family is very much interested to receive Russian television with 
limited dish size.
>Max. 1.20 - 1.50 mtr.
>I'm very confused about the possibillities to receive Gals from my position.
>The Dutch FSW magazine shows Russian NTV and 2x2 on Ku band transponders, 
>dish size >1.5 mtr.
> According to my calculations, the deviation should be appr. 5 degrees from 
were I live.
>( 51.50 N - 04.59 E)
>5 degrees is no problem, I have free vision in that direction. (top of flat 
>People from the shop were I want to buy a compleet system told me however 
that it is impossible 
>to receive Gals. (They never had this question before.)
>My next question is how succesful can be receiption of C-band and KU-band 
with an
>1.20 mtr. off-set dish.  (to avoid shadow on dish).
>C-band mainly for Gorizont 40 degrees East and 11 degrees West. 
>Please advise us.
>Thanking you on beforehand,
>John Griffioen.
The elevation for GALS is at your place 5.77. Signalstrength of this 
satellite is very unreliable. So I would advice a dish not smaller then of 
160cm primefocus or 145cm offset. But there is still no guarantee to get a 
steady and good signal because the Russians are still testing on this 
satellite. Today we got on 150cm a noise free picture (51.6N/5.9Ê) on this 
satellite (NTW).
120cm offeset for 40E is fine, but on 11W you will need an two axis motor, 
because tis satellite is in inclined orbit. Why not try the EXPRESS on 14W?
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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