Re: the second question from Ukraine

>I'm very grateful for your answer about 'ASTRA-F' satellite, but I would
>ask a bit more :
>    1)I heard that a process of preparing a satellite for regular transmissions
>      usually takes a pair of months or longer. Is the 'ASTRA-F' satellite
>      now transmitting already in 'normal' mode or in 'experimantal' only ?
>    2)Is the Russian TV really transmitting its programs by 'ASTRA-F' now and
>      what band in ? Would you like to detail, what a system is used for that:
>      MPEG or MPEG2 (or, may be, something else ? ).
>    3)Are the channels of 'ASTRA-F' encoded or not (I'm especially interested
>      in information about Russian TV) ?
>If you had not this whole information, would you like to inform me where in
>INTERNET I could find it. For example, can I locate a table with a description
>of 'ASTRA-F' channels in INTERNET ?
>          With great respect,
>                                     Alex Yuzhanin (Lvov, Ukraine)
1. ASTRA 1F is currently on the way to his fnal position
2. nothing is known about Russian TV via this satellite. All transmissions 
are in MPEG-2
3. MPEG-packages containing pay-tv (encoded) and free channels (free of 
charge),    but you will need a C.A.-module.
It is much too early to say which channels will broadcast via the ASTRA 1F, 
but if there is anything known, you can read it in TELE-satellite magazine.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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