>                      Dear Dr.Dish,
> Q: Two weeks ago I have seen in CNN news an information about new American
>satellite (named 'Astra' or something similar), which was launched by
>Russian rocket 'PROTON'. As I understood, this satellite already began
>transmissions of Russian TV in the band of 11 or 12 GGc. Would you like
>to inform me about that satellite ?
>                      Alex Yuzhanin (Lvov, Ukraine)
The ASTRA 1F, launched by a russian PROTON, belongs to the S.E.S., 
Luxembourg and will be positioned at 19 East. On this slot there are 
allready ASTRA 1A-1E. 1A-1D transmitting analouge and 1E and 1F are used for 
digital transmissions of tv- and radio channels. This six ASTRA-satellites 
are receiveable with simple 60cm dishes in Central-Europe.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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