Q: It's impossible to pick up kopernikus at 28.5 East (drdish@tv) from anywhere 
>in west England without having at least a 3 metre dish.
>I have 1m dish and get nothing whatsoever from the satellite here in 
>Plymouth. The other kopernikus manages a feeble signal on it's 
>strongest signals but it's full of sparklies.
>How about using a Eutelsat satellite - eg 2f1 or 2f2.
>I used to watch the show when it used to be on 11.596ghz on 
>Eutelsat2f1 a couple years ago...... then it moved. It was great and far 
>better than tesug tv which was awful.
>Any chance of using a different satellite?? I'm sure Astra wouldn't 
>mind you using the Astra video transponder (57 or 58).   Or what about 
>getting Bayern3 to show your program as part of it's 'space night'.
>good luck,
John Locker (our man for space-news) lives outside of Liverpool and has no 
problems in receiving drdish@tv. I believe he uses a 120cm dish. Yesterday, 
we had to move to transponder C2 (11.675, h) without warning. Could be this 
the reason you did not see us?
All transponders on ASTRA 1D are gone and we need authorization from the 
real owner of the txp. The same is with EUTELSAT. So, we are happy to got 
our place on DFS with the help of TELE-satellite and the Deutsche Telekom 
AG, but we are not sleeping and still looking around for a wider coverage 
(2.txp.). Space-Night would be nice, but we would loose the live-show and 
will never get 2 hours on the air.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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