Re: hotbird 1 reception in Oslo; french tv of interest

>Dear Drdish,
>I live in Oslo, Norway and want to receive french tv and radio. The 
>programmes offered on hotbird 1 suits me (TV:arte, tv5, Radio: France 
>inter). I have heard that some of these french tv programmes are to be 
>send in MPEG soon. What kind of equipment should I buy?
>Does dish dia. 0.9m go? Can you give me a kind of best buy, I have good 
>contacts in france.
>Hope to hearing from you soon!!!
>clas f. mender
90cm is just fine, but 120cm would be better. Think about rainy days! arte, 
TV-5 and Radio France Inter are still analogue and in the clear. For the 
french MPEG (DVB)-packages you should contact a larger french company 
(Escpace Plus: +33-1-42433251 or Fax: +33-1-42431530
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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