Sex in FDM?

Q: Inspired by your articles in TELE-satellit, I made some tests on 
FDM-signals via INTELSAT 605. What I found was been a lot of telephony on 
3.719,25 GHz. I believe in some eastern language. On 236 kHz (LSB) I had 
some fun with a lady, explaining very noisy her sexual happiness.
On 980 kHz (LSB) some teletype which i could not decode.
Do you know more about the origin of this signals?
L. Förbund, Helsingborg/Sverige

On the first one, you have to learn the polish language and you will get a 
lot of pleasure for free. Other people by phone has to pay a high fee. You 
picked out a polish sexline. And it is a very busy one. This transponder is 
used for telephony inside Poland.
The teletype is goverment related. In use is TORG-11 a syncr.duplex system.
(Software is available)
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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