Europ. TV in Australia

Q: Moving to Sidney, I woder if we can get down-under satellite-tv from 
Europe. If so, which equipment we have to buy?
H. Zeeles, D-Walchsee

On ASIASAT-2 on transponder 10B you can receive now the EUROPEAN BOUQUET 
with Deutsche Welle TV and Radio, MCM, RTP and TV-5 from France. 
Transmissions are in MPEG-DVB. It is free of charge, so you dont need a 
conditional access module. What you need is a 310cm-dish equiped with c-band 
feed/lnc and a suitable MPEG-receiver. Currently you could buy on the gray 
market PACE-receivers. The DGT-400 has been tested in Australia. It is 
working with this channels. Be carefull with the DVR-500, which is produced 
for South-Africa. This one fiffers a little bit and we have no confirmation 
about positive testing in Australia.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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