SCPC/Arabsat 1C

>Hi Chris,
>After reading some of your articles in TELE-satellite, I tried to read and 
hear >a little bit on INTELSAT and ARABSAT. No problem with normal 
telecomīs, but I >got strange signals on 3.992,202 GHz (rhc). I sthis some 
kind of fax?
>D.S., D-Siegen

Dr.Dish: No fax, but HC ARQ. Syncr. ARQ-system in blocs with ITA-2 
alaphabet. The complete return-cycle need s about 2771mSec (1 bloc of 665 
bits with 240 Bd). You can use HOKA C-3 software. Just switch to HC-ARQ, 240 
Bd and 250 Hz shift. You will like what you are reading

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