Re: TV Systems: Pal, Secam, etc.

>Dear Dr. Dish:
>My question concerns the video formats used by the various broadcasters here in
>Europe.  Are the signals that are uplinked to the satellites already in the
>video format of that country (Secam from France, Pal from Germany, etc.)?  And
>are the signals still in that format when they come out of my satellite
>receiver?  If so, do you need a mutisystem TV in order to view properly each
>different signal or is the TV just acting as a monitor for the satellite
>receiver signals?  I have a multisystem TV and view all of the different 
>with no problem, but would someone with an NTSC receiver, for example, be able
>to use a satellite receiver and view all of the various signals with no
>Also, I'm looking for a quiet motor to replace the one I have.  I'm using a 90
>H-H (Deltamount) with an 85cm dish and it's too noisy.  My neighbors have
>complained. Have noise comparisons been done?   Can you recommend a source?  It
>seems to me that much of the noise is actually an amplification of the motor
>vibrations by the metallic dish.  I was considering wrapping the poles on which
>the motor and the dish are mounted with rubber cushioning to reduce the noise
>conduction (no metal-to-metal contact).  One item I have considered using is my
>computer mouse pad, that rubber pad for rolling the mouse.  Also, My landlord
>suggested wrapping the motor unit with old towels or rags and then covering 
>with plastic.  What do you think?  Even if I do implement these sound-reducing
>measures on my current motor, I would still like to see a noise comparison of
>the various available motors.  
>Thank you for your help.  I hope to hear from you soon.
>Kerry Painter
>Huttingen an der Kyll, Germany
Dr.Dish: The colorsystem in up- and downlink is mostly identical. To receive 
all the different color-modes, you have to use a multi-color tv. The 
satellite-receiver does not convert any signal from one the other system. 
The build in modulator usually is made for the system of a specific country. 
To avoid incompatibelity, just connect the tv-set to the sat-receiver with 
the SCART- or RCA connectors.
The noise of a motor can be cut down by connecting a power-resistor in line 
with one of the two 36V-motor-cables. The motor runs slower, but also much 
more silent. Try different values until the motor runs smoothly.

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