>if i understood the mails in alt.satellite.tv.europe correctly, you know a
>lot about the mpeg standard.

>i am interested in receiving the swedish channels tv1 and tv2 via satellite
>(intelsat or sirius i belive). they are broadcsted with mpeg standard. 
>here can i buy receivers of this type and how much do they cost?
>do you know if these channels are coded?
>thanks in advance
>mattias wik

Dr.Dish: at this moment there are official no mpeg-receivers on the market. 
receivers from Southafrica and Australia are sold in Italy, but expensive. 
We tested the australian version of the Pace in issue 1/96 of TELE-satellite 
magazine. The receiver also needs a conditional access module to work with a 
programm-package. I am afraid you have to wait a little bit. 

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