Re: Digital satellite reception

>Dear mr. Dish
>I have managed to get a hand on a digital satellite receiver (Pace), but 
>lack the tuning information (freq. / pol/ symb. rate / FEC) neccesary for 
>most of the test transmissions from the satellites. The only one I have got 
>is the Astra 10.848 MHz test transmission.
>I am not able to find these information in your satellite magazine, and 
>would be very pleased if you could help me.
>With kind regards
>Olav Frolich
>Danish Broadcasting Corporation
>(Danmarks Radio - TV)
>PS. I do understand German.
Dr.Dish: TELE-satellite magazine publishes on a regulary basis all known 
MPEG-frequencies. To find out which symbol-rate is used, look for the 
bandwidrh of the transponder. On a 33 MHz-transponder 27.5 Msym./s is normal 
and on a 26 MHz transponder it is 22 Msym/s. die FEC is usually 3/4 or 5/6. 
Since here you have the choice of only a handfull FECīs it is quite easy to 
find out the proper one.

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