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 I thought it might be useful to post the following
 info which comes from a thread which I replied to
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  RE : - BSkyB Digital Questions...

 On Sun, 12 Oct 1997 09:21:22 +0100, ck@metropolis.net (Clark Kent)

>I think that they will use such a receiver like the d-box in Germany.
>This is the only thing I am sure of but what else...
>What satellite, PPV only in GB (internal modem?), what equippment, when
>will it come, will the analog channels remain for some years, etc.

 Satellite -mainly 28 deg East ,ISTR.
 Receiver is a "custom" to Sky's own spec. It will be basically DVB
 compatible but will NOT use a PCMCIA-based CAM module.
 The encryption system will not be the same as any of the current
 European ones (Conax,Irdeto,Seca etc). so you won't be able to
 use a valid smartcard along with a  "non made-for-Sky" box like
 the Nokia models.
 After pressure from Oftel, it appears the Sky box *will*  now pick up

 free-to-air  DVB transmissions using standard formats like SR of
27,500 & FEC of 3/4.
 The modem will be higher speed than the usual (slowish) ones
 found in current Digital Boxes.By the 2nd generation of Sky's
 boxes ,they hope to use V34  (up to 33K6 bps).
 How long the analogue will continue is anybody's guess!
 Depends partly on take up of the system form the public.
 For the dig. Terrestrial TV service (BDB) ,the Beeb said last week
 that they'd like a phase out of  all analog transmissions within 10
 years -but I can't see the UK public warming to that idea when it
 took 20 odd years to banish 405line transmissions (at great cost
 to the broadcasters).
 My guess is 5 more years of analogue Sky transmissions due to
 slow takeup or switchover by existing subscribers but I can only
 guess what inducements Murdoch will come up with!!
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