Sat-Birmingham News Report #: 002

Sat-Birmingham News Report #: 002

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 TODAYS NEWS HEADLINES: Sunday 26th October 1997.

In the UK, the BBC and Flextech plan to launch three networks on
November 1st that initially will be cable exclusive.
Flextech will launch UK Horizons, UK Style and UK Arena under the brand
name of UKTV.

What's more, UK Gold, which Flextech took control of in April, has been
relaunched to make a four network British offering.
The three new services will remain cable-exclusive until Flextech can
cut a carriage deal with BskyB, according to the partners.

The Launches stem from a joint venture agreement signed by the BBC and
flextech in March of this year.

A look at what the channels will offer:

*   UK Horizons will feature selected BBC factual programs, including
the highly rated Driving School. The network's backers are describing
it as "the great British story teller".  Its 18 hour-per-day schedule
will focus on humen interest, natural history, travel and adventure

*   UK Arena, a dedicated drama and arts channel, will include series
like the crow road and such films as much ado about nothing, The
Channel's six-hours-a-night schedule will include contemporary and
costume drama, personality and arts profiles, and reviews.

*   UK Style will highlight the BBC's lesiure programming, including 
Travel Show Guides and Rich Stein's Taste of the Sea.

Cable operators are hoping that the UKTV brand will help them attract
middle-class consumers who, while receptive to cable's telephony product 
historically have avoided pay TV services.

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