The End.

All movies and indeed all earthly things have a beginning and an end.

Well this is the last Sat Australia from this site.

Activity is still not brilliant but the S band signals from  are making it
into Australia. Reception reports would be appreciated please.

Cakrawarta 1 at 107.7E:  http://satcodx.com/cw1.shtml
Indovision has started testing on 2,540 GHz, MPEG-2/clear,
SR 20000, FEC 5/6, line-up: Bloomberg TV, BBC World, ESPN, CMT,
MTV Asia, TNT, Cartoon Network and HBO Asia.

Measat 1:  http://satcodx.com/mea1.shtml
VTV (Vietnam) has a mix of VTV 1, 2 and 4 on 3,710 H.
I have made mention of this a couple of times in Sat Australia.
For S4 signals you need a 15 foot dish.

Thaicom 2/3:  http://satcodx.com/thai78.shtml
Raj TV tests on 3,496 V have ceased.
A-21 promos on 3,536 V have ceased.
TVT Channel has left 3,871 V, now only on 3,871 H.

A-21 promos on 3,536 V have ceased, replaced by a test card.

Vijay TV has left 3,616 V, replaced by a test card.
These were all S2 here and I haven't checked them lately anyway.

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If Australian TV can try to imitate American TV well I can try to imitate
skeptical and pessimistic newsletters that emanate from The Federal
Republic Of Germany.

This is a direct steal from Peter Klanowskis' Sat-Nd.
With comments from Sat Australia.


   Well, finally somebody has the guts to tell the truth about digital TV.
Although the article is about digital terrestrial TV in the USA, there's a
lot to learn for other countries. Very good one. You've just got to read it!

Australian politicians are still reading up on the subject.
They have to get Monica Lewinski problem out of the way first.

   Excerpt: "After a decade of lobbying by and squabbling among commercial
interests, the Federal Communications Commission has come up with an
elaborate solution to a nonexistent problem, leaving almost no one happy. .
.. Digital TV appears to be a textbook case of the technology tail wagging
the policy dog. More specifically, it's a case of industry winning favors
from government officials beguiled by sugarplum visions of new technology."

Sat Australia comment.
We need digital television: "It will be good for us"


   We've got used to the fact that civilisation means that the sky doesn't
get dark at night--even in small towns. We will have get used to the fact
that the stars we can't see anymore will be replaced by bright flashes
caused by constellations of low-Earth orbit satellites ("Iridium flares.")
Apart from that optical pollution, there will also be an electromagnetic
one which impairs scientific research.

Radio amateurs in Australia know all about electromagnetic pollution.
We have pager interference and lots of computer interference, altough, this
area is getting cleaner as new machines are introduced.

   Indian astronomers have agreed to restrict the operation of their Giant
Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) in the western province of Maharashtra to
accommodate the commercial interest of Iridium LLC of the United States.
   A time-sharing agreement that was announced recently allows the
scientists to scan the skies at around 1.612 GHz between midnight and 6 a.
m. Iridium has agreed to to limit its satellite telephone traffic to avoid
interference with GMRT's observations during these six hours. For the
remaining 18 hours, this frequency band will be flooded with spurious
emissions from Iridium satellites.
   It's not a big problem, as the GMRT (an array of 30 giant parabolic
antennas) was not expected to spend too much time on scanning that
frequency anyway. It's still one more indication that the planned plethora
of satellite constellations will have some side effects nobody seems to
have been aware of.

A bit hard listening for aliens now.

   Wanna see Iridium flares? The German Space Operations Centre (GSOC)
offers a service that allows you to enter the name of your town. You will
presented with the best time and sky position to spot an Iridium satellite
[although I'm a bit pissed off by the fact that they give U.S. citizens a
special treatment:] http://www.gsoc.dlr.de/satvis/
   Iridium: http://www.iridium.com/

I guess Australia doesn't figure big in the overall plan either.

Here is another crass unpaid advertisement.
I thought when you got pay TV you did not get commercials.
That is why you pay for it isn't it?

Sat-ND readers want *your* favourite jokes! Just send them to

Here is a sample.

Two accountants were standing in the park. One had a new bike. The
other said, "Nice bike. How much?"
   "It was free."
   "Wow, how did you get it for free?"
   "Yesterday a beautiful girl rode up on this bike, took off her clothes
and said I could have anything I wanted."
   "Good move. Her clothes wouldn't have fitted you anyway."

Oh! by the way, no explicit sex jokes just leave that to pay tv.

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 Bevin Boden and Sat Australia August 1998

                                 "THE END"

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