TeleSatellite Magazine.

The July August issue arrived just before I went on holidays. I kept my
copy out of the sun for fear of fading the printing and dulling the colour.
I need not have worried as there has not been much sun and good quality
printing inks are used in the production of the magazine.

The cover of any magazine gives you a feel of what is inside and except for
the photograph of the Praxis digital receiver on the front, the degign all
came out of a computer. The picture of the receiver looks like it might
have been modified too. If you are into graphic design you will like the
layout of this magazine.

The front cover has Praxis digimaster 9600 DVB compliant digital and
analogue receiver. Inside on page 2 is an andertisement for Strong
receivers, again with photos. Petra Huther with an umlaut over the u is the
Chief editor and she has this to say. We are fortunate in being able to
test the latest satellite equipment that is available and bring the results
to you well in advance of product releases in the shops in many cases. One
example of this is the Lemon Volksbox. Announced and reviewed over 3 months
ago it is finally making its way into dealer hands. For the future
interactive communication via satellites. The satellite Astra 1H, operating
in the Ka-band (20/30Ghz), will open up a new era with bi-irectional
communication. This is an extract, buy the magazine and read the complete

Another ad from SMS ltd has a range of .5db lnb's, for K band ranging in
price from DM117 to DM230 for a quattro. That is 4 outputs. Viaaccess,
Conax and Irdeto CAM's. A C Band 14k lnb for DM 149. They also sell
subscriptions to various digital channels. This is an idea that will
eventually be introduced to Australia. Own your own receiver, install the
CAM, buy the card and watch various parts of the OAF bouquet, The Golden
West Network, Imparja, Digital Terrestrial from interstate and so it goes
on. Remember there is free trade across the borders in Australia, so you
should be able to watch the test cricket live across the border when it is
playing in your home state.

Back to the articles, Fact & Rumour, sorta like Sat Autralia but more
facts. Petra Huther edits Satellite Panorama and this has the Galaxis
digital receiver which is open TV EN compliant. Having a common interface
this enables the user to use any CAM for whatever encryption system is
used. There is a writeup about the launch of Astra Vision and another
article about web TV. They are using Pace set top boxes connected to the
telephone line for back communication. Of course We TV is owned by
Microsoft. How about a Humax digital receiver with 2 common access slots?
There is an article telling us of the progress of the wind up radio for
lesser developed countries. Many articles are covered in Satellite Panorma.

Receiver reviews.
There are 6 this time around. Ask me what is the best receiver to buy and I
will tell you where to go. Yep...http://www.sat-city.com If you want to get
your products listed at Sat City contact monica@sat-city.com The Praxis
Digimaster 9600 is a FTA analogue and digital receiver. It has 400 analogue
channels and 1500 for digital tv. It also has 1400 for radio channels. In
this part of the world I don't think there are any worth listening to apart
from KLOS FM on I 701. Chinese radio does not appeal to me. On the rear
there are 2 scart connectors an s-vhs out which is y/c video out and 2 sets
of RCA connectors for video and stereo audio. That is 6 connectors. It has
facilities for a corotor and mechanical polariser as well. Where we watch
satellites from horizon to horizon this is a useful feature as most still
use corotors for spot on reception. More info at

Mikronik TV-Box 1000s
I like this intro.
Free to air television, at least in some parts of the world, is as popular
as it has ever been. Digital television was mainly developed for the needs
of pay-TV providers. Get THIS... Europeans can catch around 750 digital
channels free-to-air, including news feeds. I think Satco Dx lists about
600 channels in all for the Asian region most of them encrypted. Enough of
the fables back to the story. This receiver has the ability to store 1000
channels and 200 radio stations. It has 3 scart connectors all
programmable, software uploads possible through rs232 connector andplanned
software updates using the internet. It is DVB compliant and supports
DiSEqC 2.0. It has 1 set of RCA connectors and S-Vhs output as well. More
Information. http://www.TELE-satellite.com/TSI/9808/mikro.shtml

Humax F1
I like this introduction as well.
Are the Europeans ahead of us again?
The European television audience is switching to real free digital
teleision instead of local pay-TV packages, and the same can be expected
all over the world as digital transmissions are slowly replacing analogue
ones. In conjuction with a multifeed installation or a steerable dish a FTA
receiver can bring the whole world to to your living room. That is apart
from those silly encrypted channels. This sounds familiar.... Since some of
those pay-TV operators suffer technical problems some of thee channels can
be yours for the time being.

This one is manufactured in Ireland and is built into a heavy sturdy steel
case. It is a good one to stick on the bottom of the heap. Looking at the
back there are two scart connectors, TeleSatellite found three..and one set
of RCA connectors. There is an rs232 interface for software and channel
updates as well. It only has 500 channel capability and power-vu signals
confuse it. (Whats new?).Sounds like a feature to me.

More Info. http://www.TELE-satellite.com/deu/TSI/9808/humax.shtml

Manhattan 7600 Plus MkII
This is an analogue receiver with good low threshold capability. It stores
300 channels and can accomodate odd offsets where radio is concerned.

More Info? well go to

I will leave it there for now and review other products and articles later.
Must go and waych Wings. It is after midnight here.

Let me know what you think and remember to get the complete picture SUBSCRIBE!

A couple of letters before I go.

From Robert Lunnon.
RCTI and TPI (Or Keluarga TV = Family TV) are still available in PAL on
this bird. I was watching 10 minutes ago !

I did not make myself clear here but it is likely these 2 channels will
eventually go digital. We still have time yet.

From Jamie Lovic
I just thought you may be interested in this. I have a Galaxy/Foxtel
DGT-400, and it seems I can still pick up the 12689 bouquet clear, as in I
can remove my smart card, and it still works. The higher channels (on
12654) do complain about the card missing.

Unfortunately, I cannot pick up Ovation or Disney with this box, nor can I
get any sound or picture on the unencoded channels of 12407.

Oh well, still saving for a nice Nokia ..



This is in response to the Oaf review and the testing of encryption.

and from Peter Berrett

I started subscribing about a months ago to the $9.95 package

I get

Weather Channel
CNN News
Sky News
TNT (Old movies)
Cartoon Network
Shopping Channel
Horizon Learning Channel
Country Music Television
Local Channel
Plus a sort of highlights package channel which alternates in showing shows
from other channels that you haven't subscribed to

The point I wanted to make was that TNT also has some WWF/NWO Nitro
Wrestling shows!!! Not bad for $9.95.

Thats what I want! I think it fair if I supply my own IRD and dish.
Means transponder shuffles though.
How about it Optus?

Cheers for now,

 Copyright TeleSatellite International and Bevin Boden August 1998

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