A Magazine Revue!

To make thius more interesting reading I present my first magazine revue.
Nothing could be more boring tham a review of a magazine.

The May/June issue of Telesatellite is especially interesting as my name
appears  as the author of an article. I am working at another drive in
theatre tonight. (The Blueline) This is near the sea.  Two of Rupert
Murdochs' henchmen wish to interview me, steal my image and put it in the
local newspaper. This is for an an article on drive-in theatres. It is
agreed amongst satellite viewers that where a receiving dish is concerned,
SIZE DOES MATTER; Godzilla is a bit like that.

When you read TeleSatellite you are instantly aware of the amount of
internet addresses available for reference. Used intelligently with a
search engine such as Alta Vista and Yahoo! a lot can be discovered in a
short time. Have you tried this one? <christianname+surname >  It can be
suprising where your own name turns up on the internet. While Iwas in Mt
Gambier last week I was asked a few questions about satellite receivers
sold locally. The place to start was that German satellite magazine.
Flipping through the pages I found info on the PSR 600 from Provision. The
group I was with then slowly went through the magazine looking at articles
of interest. Petra H¨uthers' Satellite Panorama and the multi coloured
multi media remote controls that can emulate the 25000 different types that
are around. I add that it can only remember eight different remotes at any
one time. If you are like me lose that remote and lose control of your

Flip a few pages and there are advertisments for all brands of satellite
receivers that we hear about DOWN UNDER but never see. In the last six
months there have been reviws on the Nokia 9500, various pace analog
receivers, The Volksbox, The Garmin GPS receiver and.something I am after,
a review of der ideale A/D-Receiver by Christian Mass. Dr Dish himself.

Satcodx.com is familiar to everybody and here is a 50 page update every 2
months. Hard copy in colour containing 164 lines of satellites and 3980
lines of TV channels. The next section is extremely useful. It is the
Global footprint chart by the Satellite Encyclopedia. This saves tiresome
searches on the internet and the info is always at your fingertips.

There is the Sat-Club International page.
Satellite Snap Shots.  The satellite viewers version of stamp collecting.

Somewhere  around here I was able to assist Ruperts henchmen with their
enquiries.  I will have to wait now to see how good my picture turns out in
the local paper; I hope they spell my name correctly.

Interval is over back to the revue.
Satellite business news and satellite launches. That gets us to page 204 in
the magazine.
There is news from the Netherlands, Europe and Asia. Two articles about New
Zealand follow. One by Mark Long about the 1998 South Pacific Satellite
Retreat. This is an annual event and aims to educate enthusiasts and
professionals alike in the technicalities of satellite tv reception. The
other article by a mad Australian racing around New Zealand in December and
giving his views of what he thinks New Zealanders see as satellite TV. I
think the same article by a New Zealander visiting Australia would
compliment this article nicely.

In the international section there is an article on the Lockheed Martin
Intersputnik  LMI-1.This will be positioned at 75 deg E.

We are up to page 247 now and this shows an important feature of the magazine.
Sat-City has a home page at http://www.sat-city.com and most satellite
products that you would want to enquire about are here.  There is an
alphabetic listing of over 700 internet sites supplied by vendors and
manufacturers of electronic equipment This is the place that we always
ended up when we were making enquiries the other weekend. Look the address
up in TeleSatellite and then go for it. This edition has a feature page
from exhibitors at the Australasian Cable and Satellite Exhibition and
Conference held in Sydney in February of this year. There is another one
Next February  maybe I will meet you there.  If the guys from Albury are
there I will shout you fellows a drink this time.

Near the end of the magazine there is an article called do it yourself
espionage. A receiver board that slots into a PC allows alternative
listening to satellite communications. It is not all Television you know.
This article is aimed at those who like to construct projects themselves.
Call it a segment fot the modern short wave listener. Satellite TV is a
modern form of the old TV Dx. With the sunspot cycle coming on again the
next few years could be interesting as far as terrestrial band 1 television
reception is concerned. Apart from BBC London in the 1960s, more recent
reception from Russia, New Zealand and all states of Australia keeps my
interest fired up in this aspect of the hobby.

Here it is! Your reward for reading this newsletter.
Telesatellite has sent me an extra copy of the magazine and as I have no
need for the extra copy I am going to offer it ito the best letter of
depreciation? or is that appreciation of the revue. Having read the article
tell me why you would want to have this magazine for your very own to read
in your own home.  What articles interest you?

Thats as good as it gets; is also the title of the second movie tonight; so.

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Satellite TV happenings of late are.
Pas 2.
CNN is running the same programme on 2 separate frequencies.
3900 V NTSC and 3967 H NTSC. Sound separation 6.9 mhz in both cases.
The OAF or Foxtel bouquet has left Ku but may return.  It is still alive
and well on Optus B3.
Palapa C2
4080 H, tests have ceased.
Asiasat 2
3740 V Star News Analogue service has ceased. It was put there for the
Indian Elections which are now completed.
Apstar 2 R
3760 H ZheJiang TVhas disappeared again.
I have not caught up with them yet but there are some changes in the
digital lineup on Apstar 2R. To check these look at ;

With little else to add happy viewing and catch ya later.

© June 1998, Bevin BODEN and TeleSatellite.

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