Happy New Year No1.

Happy New Year No 2 is reserved for the Chinese New Year.
I am back and I amchecking through the 500 odd emails that have accumulated
in the last 30 odd days.
I will get around to replying to you all hopefully by the weekend.
The Dr Dish site has now expanded and you can ask Bevin all your problems
and I will endeavour to steer you in the right direction.  I have a couple
of people with problems at the moment and they are both Hyundai problems.
Not a fault of the receiver but just in the settings.

Not a lot has happened in the past month that I can see and the demise of
Asiasat 3 is certainly a dissappointment.

To all the new subscribers and the others as well I will have more of
interest later in the week.
Cheers for now
A Happy New Year to all.

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