Well only a short note at the moment.

Hallmark on 3,940 V (MPEG-2, SR 26650, FEC 2/3) is encrypted.
HBO added to the same package, also encrypted.
Extracted from   http://satcodx.com
That statement was true a couple of days ago.
HBO was promoting its service.
Then there was a denial that it even existed.

Hallmark and HBO have both been there contrary to popular belief.
If you left your receiver on while they were downloading software you would
have seen them for a short while free to air. The latest is KIBC a filipino
channel that is going to be free to air when they sort themselves out.
The people that are going to miss out are the Hyundai brigade.
If you have a Hyundai buy something else or get the next set of EPROMS for
$80.00 Australian.(When they come out.) Must be mk 4 now.I wish I knew
where the engineering people at hyundai TV branch are, or where they were
and I could give them some input as well. My letters have remained
unanswered as I am probably writing in the wrong language or to the washing
machine branch.
 Maybe there will be a Hyundai washing machine that receives Hallmark and
sky tv just by putting clothes in the spin dryer.
If you manually enter your pids Hallmark picture does return. (Not on a
Hyundai though.)If you have the Mk3 software the Hyundai picks Hallmark up
after a software download from the satellite, and when you change channels
and come back... All gone!!!
The KIBC logo was on and the website for this one is
Programming info an all you want to know about is there as well.
Have fun with this lot. Downloads seem to happen about 14 to 15.00 Z daily
at the moment.
If you can receive it.. It has a low signal to noise ratio.
EMTV now runs 5 channels all with the same vision
1 EMTV                  Tv audio.
2 Test Tone             No apparent audio
3 Radio Channel 1       NAU FM
4 Radio Channel 2       IUME FM
5 EMTV Radio 1&2        EMTV, NAU FM and IUME FM.

Catch Ya later,

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