Musical Satellites.

What with the kerfuffle with Hyundai digital receivers not receiving FTA
piccies and 701,801 and 511 all doing musical chairs, lots of personal
e-mail to me about satellites and the like I have been waiting for the
music to stop.
Well it has not and this is brief only because I have left my disc at home
with all the text on it.

One thing I was going to explain to everyone about was the problem with
Hyundai receivers and their propensity not to receive FTA signals.

You will have learnt by now that if a programme asks for a CA module in
your set the Hyundai replies with
This channel is scrambled. Without the option of an upgrade the Hyundai
does not look like a flash piece of machinery at the moment. I invite
comments on this matter and also the address of technical services in Korea
and their service dept and fax no. This seems all a closely guarded secret.
Is there a hardware mod such as a link that can be inserted to make the box
think there is a CA module there?

I have been watching the various Indonesian  and Chinese services lately,
looking for english language programmes.
They all seem to be on at around 16.00 gmt. They wait till the Australians
have gone to bed and just before the New Zealanders wake up. The people in
Tahiti are ok , they have gone to work and cant see As2 anyway.
They dont know what they are missing!!!!!
Well at least you can still see the Grand Prix live off RFO. which still
seemed to emanate from  I511.
I must be getting signals off 801 because I have been watching 2 satellites
close together just east of Pas2
and the last time I got an ident a few days ago it was I701?
How long does it take for a satellite to move around the sky?
I know I702 is still there so I will go home tonight and see what I shall see.
I suppose we will all bombard Christian Lyngemark with new reports, and as
for that NZ magazine they should cop it too.I notice even they have been
getting an airing on Dx-Corner as some sort of authority.
G'Day chaps! I read it as well.
When I have read it thoroughly I will tell you the BONUS! word.
Some New Zealander couldn't find it last month so he complained.
Sign your friends up to Sat-Australia and if they supply me with info I
might have the correct bonus word for them.
Well the news should be thick and fast tomorrow.
Cheers for now,

Flinders University
Sturt Road
Bedford Park
South AUSTRALIA 5043

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