EMTV in the clear again.

News Flash!!!
EMTV is in the clear again!
It is very handy that EMTV appears regularly in the clear on Wed and Thurs
nights. Two good local programs are aired Golden Mekim Musik on Wednesdays
and Fizz a more local content music show on Thursday nights. As from next
week it will be shown at 19.00 PNG time instead of 20.00 Remember 1 hour

Zoom!!!!!! It's coming to a screen near you.!!!!!!! I speak of the spread
of what may be one of the only FTA channels on analogue TV. Yes!!!
it's...TVSN... THE SHOPPING CHANNEL.. coming to Gorizont 30. It will
replace my favourite programme on EMTV... THE TEST PATTERN. from about 1am
till late morning when the station opens.

>Question? Does TVNZ make it to anywhere in OZ? If so, where and how strong?
>Is it now a boquet of 3 , or three seperate frequencies.

Hi Bevin

It's actually four SCPC's ... 4186 / 4178 / 4170 / 4162  the last one being
the strongest here.  Fec 3/4 and Ms 5.631 - locks on a Nokia but reckon
it's CA.  Most folk here do not have circular capability so it's often hard to
get good reports of Intelsat activity.  Will be nice when 701 takes the place
of 511 !
John Lynam

As I write this I am watching Palapa c2 and the News in english on TVRI.
This is on at 18.30 W.I.B ie.23.30 GMT.
Other programs on at this time Thursday are Kerry O'Brien and the 7.30
Report (related to HK time) GMA from the Philipines has a funny video
session, this is NTSC. CFI FRance has Pyramide (Dats in french) MTV the
music channel Mostly indestinguishable music (welllll!!!) CNN has news
(Like MTV only News. I do like the shuttle launches though) CNBC just keeps
scrolling along. Talking about supermarkets at the moment. It has just
turned to Midday GMT. All change for new programs. TPI
TV Indosair
All these stations have the same news service. Oh! well. Australian TV
International? You guessed it...NEWS. Asia Business News.No! They are
telling you how little your currency is worth against the American Dollar.
If you tune to GMA Philipines they tell you that Lysol kills 99.9 percent
of all household germs.What I worry about is the other .01 percent. On a
more poignant note looking at the television feeds in Australia they have
been carrying news about the disaster at Thredbo. This is a small alpine
village at the base of Mt.Kosciusko in southern New South Wales.A landslide
swept through 2 chalets there overnight with the possible loss of 20 lives.
Reporters have been on site for about 20 hours relaying their stories of
events.  A sad event indeed.
Listening to two reporters on site at Thredbo.
R1. "You never know where you are going to be in this Job, I was going to
R2. "Yeah I was supposed to be in Brisbane doing Pauline Hanson". (She is a
controversial Australian politician)
Both of them are now standing in the dark on the side of Mt.Kosciusko in
sub zero temperatures waiting to see how many will be rescued from the
landslide. The guy reporting on another feed is still a little green. They
cant get the white balance right on the camera and they go to air in 10
seconds!!!!! Oh!!! I can get TVNZ!!! NO! It is just the same reporter with
a different coat on...Yes it a report for TVNZ now. If you have anything to
say about your local TV please share it with the rest of us.
All the best
Cheers for now
South Australia.

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