Australian humour.

Australian (Aussie!) humour is difficult for some people to  recognise.
I do understand that ,but I do get caught out now and then.

The following was meant to be  a little bit of humour but it backfired a

**Dont give him erroneous information because you get marked in his little
black book.
Some subscribers thought that Christian Lyngemark really did have a little
black book.
Well if he does it only has my name in it. **

Do not worry.... Keep sending in reports even if they are sketchy.
The point I was trying to make was that when sending reports in about
on satellite television it is embarrasing only to yourself if you realise
you have sent the wrong information in and have to correct it later.
Of course any information is cool as what happens it can be compared
against other
information sent in by other subscribers who may have a clearer picture
of what is happening. (I do not get a clear picture of PAS 4 at all.)  ( :-)
I have to tell him that Deutche Welle has in fact not been on Intelsat 511
for 9 months.
Also that the Indosat promotion still runs on Palapa C2.
And I thought I saw a very strong signal on PAS 4.. Optus Vision from
Western Australia
Some of these reports are doubtful and it is good to have confirmation from
others as
the scene changes daily and even hourly.
For instance.... the Galaxy MDS signal in Adelaide was in the clear
for about an hour the other day.

Apart from all the good info you get about European TV.Europe established
colour TV
before we did. there is also
humour in another news mailer .. sat-nd @tags1.dn.net run by
Peter Klanowski. It is newsy and interesting. Today the New Zealanders
get a mention about thier local Sky TV.

The festival of what was or how it used to be in days gone past.
This is my translation of the goings on on Mongolian TV on Asiasat 2.
It features sporting events in the old tradition.
Forget the audio unless you speak Mongolian, the pictures are in english.

There have been some interesting feeds from Israel concerning the games
in that country as well.

I had a fax from Hong Kong  telling me my digital receiver had finished
it's holiday in Korea and now had a different outlook on life.
This means back to the digital stuff as well.
Analogue reception seems more exciting as you can see sync pulses in the snow
and dream about getting a bigger dish. I could put a 40 foot dish in my 60
foot wide
block of land and collect a lot of water in the winter time. No rain fade


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