Not much happening?

Over the last couple of weeks China has resumed ownership of Hong Kong.
We saw it all on Chinese tv for about a week.
The Mars landing got off very well and was covered by CNN on Pas 2 and
Palapa c2. This is continuing.
When I get my digital receiver back.(It is having a holiday in Korea.Stress
leave.)I will cover digital activities as well.I welcome contributions to
this newsletter as I want to see it interesting and also cover some
technical aspects of reception as well. I am away for about a week so
things are going to remain slow.
Other things to look forward to in the asian region are the Asian games in
a couple of months.
If you cant understand another language other than english the Chinese,
Indonesians, japanese and the Philipines all have some english speaking
programmes to whet your appetite.
If you like Hong Kong movies.... They are dubbed in english and have
indonesian subtitles.
The other way to enjoy the programmes is learn another language.
If you are in any of the pacific rim countries please drop me a line and as
I only speak english I will have to get one of my friends to translate it
for me.
If you are into chasing new stations all the time you need to look at
satcodx.com, but if you want to see what your next door neighbour is doing
and you want to do it better I hope this will be the internet forum for you.

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