TRW Delivers Korean Satellites

TRW Delivers Korean Satellites

Tokyo, Japan, April 27 1998 (TS-ASIA) -- TRW has delivered the first of two
spacecraft comprising the Korean Multipurpose Satellite (KOMPSAT) program
to the Republic of Korea's space agency, the Korean Aerospace Research
Institute (KARI). The spacecraft is a flight-worthy protoflight model which
was assembled, integrated and tested at TRW's Redondo Beach manufacturing
facilities to verify the structural and functional design of the satellite.
TRW also trained engineers from KARI in spacecraft development and worked
with Korean industrial partners to build and test space-qualified hardware.

The KOMPSAT flight model will be assembled, integrated and tested at KARI
facilities by Korean engineers with support from TRW. Plans call for it to
be launched next year into a low-Earth-orbit by a Taurus booster from
Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

KOMPSAT represents the first joint satellite development project undertaken
by KARI. Resident at TRW, 57 KARI engineers participated in program
activities as full members of the development team, honing the technical
and managerial skills needed to design, build, test, launch and operate a

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