New Services On Asiasat

New Services On Asiasat

Hong Kong, 31 March 1998 (TS-ASIA) -- The latest edition of AsiaSat's
newsletter details the following new services being carried by the
company's satellites:

Beijing Municipal TV and Shanxi Provincial TV launched their digital
television services using AsiaSat 2 Ku-band capacity. Via satellite
transmission, the television stations are now able to further enhance
viewership across China.

STAR TV launched STAR News channel, on AsiaSat 2. The channel, a 24 hours
news channel, was launched in February to provide comprehensive news
coverage for the general elections in India. It is distributed in analogue,
free to air format mainly to cable operators across the country.

EMTV, Papua New Guinea's television network, commenced its services on
AsiaSat 2. Using C-band capacity, the channel is in digital format on a
free to air basis.

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep joined the European Bouquet on AsiaSat 2. The
radio channel is broadcasting along with other five television and eight
radio stations in digital, free to air format across the satellite's
extensive footprint.

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