Australia Approves Rocket Launch Site

Australia Approves Rocket Launch Site

Canberra, Australia, 24 March 1998 (SAT-ND) -- The Federal government of
Australia has granted Kistler Aerospace Corp. environmental approval to
establish a launch site in Woomera, South Australia. Woomera is the
location where the company plans to conduct test flights of the Kistler
K-1, which according to a company press release is the world's first fully
reusable launch vehicle, later this year.

The reusable design of the K-1 was a key factor in granting environmental
approval. According to John Moore, Minister for Industry, Science and
Tourism, the reusable design, combined with the K-1's use of fuels similar
to that in jet aircraft, provides a way to put large numbers of satellites
into orbit with minimal impact on the environment.

Other conditions for Kistler launch approval include meeting
launch-licensing requirements that are being developed by the Department of
Industry, Science and Tourism. The Department will be responsible for
regulating Kistler's space launch activities and ensuring that commercial
space launches are in line with the Commonwealth's international obligations.

Source: Peter Klanowski and Sat-ND

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