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> city: 22100 como
> questions: Hi I'm an engineer and I'm working on a new boat 80feet I'd
> like to fit this boat with internet via satellite and I need to
> knowwhere to find more info mainly about the
> Satellite Antenna to put on the boat that need to be autto focusing in
> continue
> thank u
> country: ITALY
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> ------------------------------------------------------------

For the tracking-system, please contact EGIS, Germany, phone:
+49-69-858329 (Mr.Meixner) or e-mail: EGISrotor@AOL.com
You got 3 choices for Internet via satellite:
1. Up- and downlink directly, but a rx/tx-terminal is very costly
2. Getting the Internet-information by a push-service via Eutelsat or
Astra. It is cheaper, but information is limited
3. Getting the full-internet via satellite. Still, you would need a
provider which will transfer your orders to the net (connection via
Inmarsat-phone/modem). The information comes back directly via Internet.
A suitable card was been tested in TSI, issue 5-6/98. In issue 9-98 we
will have a more advanced card in the magazine.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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