Re: Portable dish antenna in Indonesia

Mr. Senjaya & Mr. Tri (PT. ABBA MULIA) schrieb:

> Dear Sir,
> After recent riot in Indonesia, it is very difficult to have a true
> story
> behind the news from local private stations. Their coverage is
> ambiguous and
> too many cover-up from the goverments.
> I am looking for portable dish antenna (diametre < 1 metre) that
> easily can
> be mounted and setup. Thus I can attach in front of my bedroom window
> or lay
> on my small yard.
> I've just want to watch CNN News, CNBC News, MTV for Asia, NBC News.
> Is it
> possible. I live in Bandung city, West Java, INDONESIA.
> Also what type of receiver do you suggest (LNB, Block down converter,
> etc)?
> I am beginner in this matter, I've just want a small and portable dish
> antenna that easily can be setup, but powerful enough to receive CNN
> frequency.
> Thank u for your information.
> Best regards,
> N.N. (real name is known to the editor)

Usually I do not give any information on pay-tv channels, but this is a
exception. The only signal reaching your area strong enough to use a
small dish in the Ku-band is the pay-tv service of INDOVISION. This
provider carries all channels you are asking for. I do not know the the
monthly fee, but I think you can subscribe to only a part of the package
(all news channels). Please contact the infoline: 21-581-9988 or go to
The German company Lorenzen Communication offers a small (65cm) dish,
which is portable and even you can fold it to a handy piece
<http://www.lorenzen.de>. Please contact this company in order to get a
useful dealers-adress in your aerea. The LNBF is provided by Lorenzen
and meets the standard for the PALAPA CII-satellite in Ku-band at 113
degr. east.
Since the signal is in MPEG, you will need a suitable digital- receiver.
Usually for INDOVSION the RCA-DSD is used. A dealers adress will be
provided by Indovsion. The installation of the Lorenzen-dish is easy,
because on the platform a compas is integrated. We use this dish in our
live broadcasting of drdish@tv , controllling our own signal and it
takes us 2 minutes for the set-up.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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