Re: Looking for Info on Transponder 4 , GE3

> >Hello how are you today?
> >I'm Technical Sgt Brian Lee USAF working to downlink a Ku tranmission
> >test of the Air Force Rodeo (Airplane competition) at McChord AFB,
> WA.
> >I'm trying to figure out the dish angle here at Macdill AFB, Tampa
> FL.
> >This is what I do know the transmission is on Satellite GE3
> Transponder
> >4. I don't have the other required info, (location, bandwith, power,
> >freq...etc. The Air Force Combat Camera unit will test the uplink on
> 19
> >Jun 98 and will have daily broadcasts  from 22 - 26 June 98. If you
> >could provide and/or lead me in the right direction to get this
> >information.
> >Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.
> >
> >Regards
> >Brian Lee TSgt USAF
> >Chief Visual Information Maintenance

GE-3 at 87 degr. west is quite easy to find. In order to get any signal
switch to 12.100 GHZ, vertical. PBS uses this txp. on a 24h basis in
analogue technique. Good enough for aligning the dish. Turn your dish to
azimuth (magnetic) 193.9 degr. and adjust the elevation to 57.4 degr.
This are the values for Tampa/Fl. In the Ku-band the bandwidth is 36 MHz
and txp.4  is on 11.780 (X). The EIRP in your area should be around 46
dBw, which needs a 90cm dish (C/N Ratio 10). We have here in Europe no
information on the planned service by USAF. My advice is,  to search on
the given transponder during the testperiode for a signal or contact the
trasmitting site. Otherwise try it via G.E. (http://www.ge.com)

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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