Re: DVB98/drdish@tv

Hi Doc,
thanks a lot for last fridays show. And special thanks to your guests
Joerg and Stefan for explaining dr.overflows excellent software. Still a
question is left: could we expect a complete scan-function? Just
scanning a new satellite for MPEG-signals.
Ferederic LeJeune


Uli (Dr.Overflow) is still working very hard on the teletext. Even now
it is better then can expect it from a brand-new satellite-receiver or
tv-set. Still he he adds very dy some improvement. I am sure he will
develop later on some kind of search-modes. But at this stage of dvb98
it is quite simple to find new signals and all additional parameters.
Different suppliers of settings offer a wide range of programms and
feed-channels for dvb98. All free of charge.
Uli depends on the help from outside in order to serve us with all fine
updates of dvb98. Please support Uli. If you have some technical
inside-information (will treated confidential) or just a broken d-box
(Nokia), everthing helps him to continue this fine work. You can contact
Dr.Overlow via http:/www.dominance.net/overflow/ or

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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