Re: Help with Altair

>         Hello and this is the problem:
>         I want to now what equipment I need to see the Altair-1, or
> Luch, the
> satellit that the MIR use to transmit TV from the space station. I
> live in
> spain, lat 38.6880 N, lon 0.4580 W.
>         I now that the frecuency is 10.830 Ghz, but not the
> polarization,
> and that the satellite is in 16 W, and that have a service beacon in
> 11.380
> Ghz, but not now the polarization and type of emision of the beacon.
> And don't
> now if from Spain I can see this satellite.
>         Thank's from David and sorry form my english.

Dont spend too much money on ALTAIR. The satellite is still used by MIR,
but very seldom and MIR is now in progress to leave the assigned flight
level and will go down during the next 180 days to around 150 km in
order to burn out in the atmosphere. Sad enough, but the station did in
12 years a excellent job.
If you like to try the recpetion on 10.830 GHz, turn your dish to 16
degr. west. Just in the middle between the Intelsat at 18 degrre and the
Gorizont at 14 degree. The elevation from your location is 38.8 degree.
The signal should be vertical, but moves around. Our fixed dish for
Altair got a feed in the 45 degree position and it works fine. No beacon
on 10.380 GHz! This was been interference from other sources on the old
Cosmos 2054 and do not occur on Altair

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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