Re: SIC (Portugal)in Canada

> >Is there any transmission from SIC in Portugal to North America
> >(Toronto Canada) ?  Now SIC transmits to the Atlantic islands of
> >(Azores Portugal) via Eutelsat 13 degrees east . thank you
>                Andy Gomes
> >

SIC is transmitted inside the TPS-package (digital) on the
wideband-transponder 45, which reaches the Azores, but not the
East-coast of the US and certainly not Canada. Some people on the
East-coast got some weak signals from the Hotbird with very large
anatennas (7m), but with this is not certain and works on one location
and does not work at all on another location close by (200 km).
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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