Re:Omnisat Stab or Nokia-H 2 H ?

> city: 35096 Weimar
> questions: Dear Dr.Dish,
> I am searching for a solution to get my 1 m dish motorized and in
> order
> to avoid conflicts with my wife I have to control the motor via the
> coax
> cable. A friend of mine suggested to buy an irte-omnisat. Looking at
> the
> concept behind a two motor solution I think I like it, because I
> believe the
> effort to adjust it correctly is very low.
> Unfortunately allmost no german dealer is able to get a omnisat from
> Irte. One
> dealer told me, they have problems with the device and that a new
> generation
> will be on the market very soon (this was 8 month ago....).
> Do you know about problems and what is Irte doing ? I have a chance to
> buy
> Omnisat in GB (about 240 Pounds). Do you recommend the Omnisat still
> or should
> I better look at new devices from Nokia or Stab ?
> Best regards,
>  -Richard

Dr.Dish:Have a look in the recent issue of TSI (page 78 ff). We tested
the STAB Rotor HH100. It is a very strong and very quiet device and will
run on your existing coax-cable. The HH100 uses the new DiSEqC 1.2
version. Even if your receiver does not support v 1.2, a optional small
interface will make it work. It was one of the best rotors we tested so
far. For a first impression go to the TSI-homepage. At this moment I
have no practical experiennce with the Omnisat, but if NOKIA decided to
use the STAB on the skandinavian market (with extrem low temperatures)
it could be the better choice.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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