Re: 10 GHz Link

> Hello
> Would you please give me Information ( your advise and Information
> sources )
> on how to build Link In 10 GHz  I don't know how to make the
> transmitting
> station In 10 GHz (Could It be possible to use the standart SAT
> equipment ).
> I suggest that I can use the standart SAT equipment for receiption
> station. Am I right ?
> Regards
> Alex

It is a little difficult to describe the system without graphics. But
letīs have a try:
assuming you want to come out at 10.240 GHz. The system is build in two
parts. The indoor-unit (to have it on a constant temperature-level)
would be a Plessay SP 5070 with a dividing-factor of 256. Using as a
reference x-tal 10 Mhz, this would produce 2560 MHz. So far so good, now
your are in the s-band. From here you go outside. The outside-unit
consists two double-traps (2560x2=5120x2=10240 MHz) Here we are. Now,
you have to power up the signal to your requirements. If you need a
higher frequency you have to change the reference- xtal.

BB in>>>PLL-Osc. 2.56 GHz>>to outside unit>>>first doubler 5210>>>sec.

A complete kit is available from Koeditz-Nachrichtentechnik,
Schenkendorfstrasse 1A, D-34119 Kassel/Germany, Fax: +49-561-7391135 or
go to <http://yi.com/home/FrankKoeditz>
The kit is not very expensive and has a output of around 200mW

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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