Media reports from Bagdad as being very quite and relaxed. Official
reports from the UN and Radio Bagdad are confirming some success during
the meeting of Annan (UN) and the Iraqi goverment.
Much different is the international telecommunication coming out of
Bagdad. Inmarsat (A-terminals) AOR is heavily used by business-people,
UN-personal and politicans in clear voice. This people is much more
concerened and sceptic about the outcoming of the talks. Businessman
taking precautions, UN is complaining about a ordered airplane, which
did not arrive in time and one unconfirmed report quotet a US officer on
a aircraft-carrier (Nimitz?) saying to a high ranking UN-officer, there
would be a first strike against Iraq next thursday, if talks failed. On
this one I did not receive hardcopy, so canīt confirm it.
Usually inside the mobile band of Inmarsat,  frequencies are choosen
randomly by the system, but it seems that 1538.35 MHz is used mainly for
communication to terminals inside Iraq.
Further reports from Inmarsat-listeners are welcome, but try to copy the
communication as audio-files and attach them. On this side above
frequency is monitored constantly by a software controlled AOR5000,
which records all communication with logging all other data.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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