Re: drdish tv show

Fareed Al-Gurg schrieb:

> Greetings,
> It is a great pitty that only the lucky people of Europe can receive
> your monthly show.
> Why not have a deal with Eutelsat to transmit on the Hot Bird 3 on the
> "wide beam"?
>  This will enable a lot more people to interact with your highly
> educational program.
> Regards
> Fareed Al-Gurg

Nothing we would like to do more. But for this we would need some
sponsors, because transponder-costs are still high and at this moment
still I have to invest each month something from my own pocket-money.
Our two sponsors (TELE-satellite International and the Deutsche Telekom)
cover the uplink, the 3 hours on Telekoms DFS-satellite and as a bonus
the use of the studio on the uplink-facility.
Some people say we should go on encryption, but this exclude quite a lot
of people and we believe in doing this for all. Anyway I do not believe
in pay-tv. If I win the jackpot in the lottery, the next day we will be
on Hotbird. Bit first I have participate in the lottery-game, which I
never did.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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