Re: Change to Universal LNB

nunke schrieb:

> A friend gave me a lnb, it is a Grundig universal. I changed it with
> the
> one I had and now the channel nunmbers don't line up.  I have a Pace
> 300, in the setup the old LNB was a 10.000 fss B.  I tried about 10
> differnt setting for the LNB and nothing seams to work. Thanks for
> your
> help
> J N  Germany

(JN changed from a 10 GHz-LOF LNB to a Universal and wants to know the
new settings)

On the config-menu of the Pace you have to change from 10 to 9.750 for
the low-band and for the high band (if you got it) from 10.750 to

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