Q&A 1/98

DR.DISH Q&A 1/98 (partly German)
Thank you very much for all the good wishes and toall of you : A very
happy 1998. Having a short break, a lot of questions arrived meanwhile
and I will try to answer them in different parts.
Also I would like to thank you for all the reactions on the report in
DW-TV on Jan. 2, 1998. Certainly, I do not listen to extraterrestrial
signals! To much is happen in the real world!

Here are your questions:

LT 8700
I have a Echostar LT8700 satellite receiver - asian make -, without
integrated decoder. I want to convert it to a D2-MAC IRD. Please tell me
about necessary accessories for this action and please provide me with
the names of firms, from which I can get the materials.
Jassim A-Misned

Complete decoders for integration in a existing satellite receiver are
offered by different companies. Have a look at the advertisments in
TELE-satellite International. Also you should contact Echostar directly,
because the ME/Africa departement will give you usefull adresses in your
aerea, where the (not easy) job can be done. (Echostar UK, phone:
+44-1817587525, fax: +44-1817587505)

Could you provide us with the launch-dates of SINOSAT-1 and CHINASTAR-1?
No information on this matter is available here.

If everthing goes as planned, here are the dates:
SINOSAT-1 on january 25 with a LONG MARCH 3B from XICHANG
CHINASTAR-1 on february 20 with the same type of rocket and and also
from Xichang.

The WEFAX geostationary satellites transmit signals on 1694.5 and also a
little bit higher. My TVRO can reach this frequencies. Is there any
possibility to hear these satellites via my TVRO?
When I am monitoring these satellites with the TVRO, where can I find
their signal, at the video or audio output?
Kavalieris, A., Agrinio

You will need a separate audioreceiver with a 30 to 40 kHz-Filter to
receive METEOSAT. Your TVRO expects a modulated tv-channel with audio
information in the offset. Theoretical you could use a cheaper scanner,
connected to the IF (480 MHz) of your satellite receiver to listen to
the signals, but this means you have to conect a suitable L-band antenna
to the satellite receiver (switching off the LNB-power supply). A better
way would be the stand-alone audioreceiver for L-band, the suitable
antenna, a WEFAX-decoder, software (like shareware JV-FAX) and a PC.
This produces fine images from Meteosat.
If you can receive drdish@tv on DFS-2 in Greece, please watch our
february-broadcasting. Here we demonstrate how to receive METEOSAT and
INMARSAT on one antenna in the cheapest way. Also TELE-satellite
International will cover this story in issue 3-4/98.

PEMIERE/ MM9200 (german)
Ich bin im Besitz der d-box mit offiziellem Premiere Abo und des MM 9200
mit Irdeto Modul. Beim Benutzen der Original-Premiere Karte im 9200
bleibt der Bildschirm dunkel, d.h. Premiere wird mit der Original-Karte
im Mediamaster nicht dekodiert. Welche Modifikationen müsste ich nun
durchführen, um mit dem Mediamaster 9200 und der Premiere-Karte die
besagten Programme schauen zu können?

Offensichtlich steckt im Mediamaster 9200 ein "altes" Irdeto-Modul. Hier
an meinem Testplatz habe ich das Modul aus der d-box (gruen/schwarz mit
dem Aufdruck BetaDigital) genommen und in den 9200 gestopft. Premiere
wurde ohne Probleme empfangen.

I work in Papua New Guinea and we are the distributors for the above
IRD. The PowerVu system has been recently adpoted by the local station
EMTV. When they changed to digital, I was able to use my Hyundai
receiver to watch EMTV as well as other prgrams. The 9234 was also able
to tune into EMTV but not others.
The 9234 can acually tune into signals in the receiver setup, but when I
quit and save changes, there is no signal lock in the receiver status
Could you offer any suggestions as our customers have complained that
after the high purchase cost of the 9234 is it only good for EMTV.
J. Korvemaa
Technical service Manager, Communications Div., TE (PNG)

EMTV  transmitts via the ASIASAT-2 in PowerVu. Others in DVB and this is
the problem. Scientific Atlanta offers some upgrade to DVB and you
should contact them. On the other side you could try the asian version
of Nokias 9200/9600 FTA-series. Here in Europe we can receive with this
receiver FTA-broadcasts in PowerVu. This would enable you to receive
the European Bouquet, Myawadi-TV and others via ASIASAT.

I am in Johannesburg, South Africa and would like to know what equipment
is needed to receive anything in german or english.
H.E. Zeh

For Kapstadt we got some information. It is possible to receive some
ASTRA-transponders (digital and analogue) with a large dish. But we have
no reliable Information for Johannesburg. Prof. Reineck from the
Capetown-University is working on this matter for years now, and he
should be able to help you a little bit. You can contact him by e-mail
Good luck!

Can you tell me if it is possible to receive the Israel programs from
AMOS in Central-Europe? Which dish size is necessary?
Albert Bogner

Sorry, no way. The ME-beam above Israel and the M.E. is very narrow and
even with a 5m dish we could not receive the channels.

We are satellite equipment suppliers & installers in Oman. To receive
digital FTA programs from HOTBIRD 2 we are using the Nokia Mediamaster.
I have been unable to get programs from both the polarities together,
i.e. if we get channels from H, we do not get them from V and vice
versa. Also I have heard, that you can use a 12V switch to automatically
select from two satellites. It would be a great help, if you could shed
some light on this problems, that we are facing.
Ranjan Philip

If you got the proper configuration and use a LNBF (14/18 Volts for
polarzation and 22 kHz for low/high-band) there should be no problem to
switch between the polarities. You did not mention the precise type of
Nokia. If you got a 9200, no probelms should occur. To be on the safe
side, you could download the newest software-version via
<http://www.mascom.de>. If you got a converted version of the german
d-box, there could be a problem. just let me know, which type of Nokia
(and software version) you got.
Switching beween two satellites with 0/12V is no problem. You can
activate the switch in the configuration-table of the Nokia.

If you dont find the answer to your personal question, please give me a
little bit of time. Sometimes I have to to something to earn my daily
drdish@tv would be happy to receive some video-material from your own
receiving station out there. If you got some material, please contact

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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