Re: S.-American Radio in Europe?

> Dear Chris,
> thanks for the valuable information you provided us during my work as
> teacher in the selva of Columbia. The project with molded dish worked
> perfectly on c-band and our students enjoyed the work and much more >the
> results, because no one could believe.
> Now back in Europe still I miss all the music and wonder if I could
> receive radio-station from the region. Shortwave is a way, but it
> depends too much on the time and conditions.
> H. Luerie, St.Gallen

You are lucky, even there is no original station from Columbia on c- or
ku-band here in Europe. Since you like the experimental jobs anyway,
here a solution:
Construct a simple cross-yagi (rh-circular) for around 255 Mc and point
it to appr. 20 degree west with the correct elevation (its not critcal),
then take some kind of scanner-radio, able to receive the UHF-band in FM
and with a filter around 5 kc. Tune in on 254.10 Mc and what you can
hear now is Radio Super from Sanatfe de Bogota. Since this is unwanted
signal on a US-military satellite, the signal is compressed from 90kc to
5 kc and distorted, you could use a old equalizer and kill unwanted
frequencies (distortions). On this satellites you can find
radio-stations from Bolivia, Chile and some more. A full report comes in
TSI issue 1-2, 1998
Good luck!
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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